Sell your idea,
Build your product,
Repeat & grow...

Skola is a software that automates selling, building
and automation of digital products.

Who it’s for

Skola is for you if you’re a trainer, influencer, consultant, product creator, course creator, YouTuber with a large following that you’re not sure how to monetize. If this is you, you might be struggling to create training courses, sell products or get sponsorship deals.

What Skola helps you achieve

Skola will help you achieve the following
within hours of registration:

How to use it

Sales Funnel

You can select a proven salesfunnel thats been tested extensively by our team. Then customize your funnel campaign to your brand, your message and goal. Then start selling. You can set a time in the future that your product will be available. So you can test your message by pre-selling both Virtual Events & Training Courses.

Virtual Event
Creation & Delivery

Virtual Lobby

Attendees recieve access to a private virtual lobby when they join your virtual event.


Keep attendees up to date. Post videos, images or text updates to participants. All viewable on your attendees lobby dashboard.

Live Event Schedule

Showcase whos speaking and the date and time of each live event. Attendees can sync with their google calendar.


Attendees can connect and network with other attendees, speakers or organizers right from one easy place.

Event Streaming

When your event starts it’s streamed live to your audience. Engage in Q&A and interact with your participants live.

Training Program
Creation & Delivery

Training dashboard

Students can view updates, upcoming events and the next training upcoming video they can access.


Customers can immediately access a community to ask questions and communicate with creators & fellow students.


Deliver content in a structured course plan. Publish videos, audios, text, documents or action steps inside of each lesson.

Live Meetings

Schedule live meetings within a training calendar. Run Q&A webinars or Zoom calls all students can register for and join.


Gift attendees certificates on course completion. Send a physical certificate or offer a downloadable certificate to students

Why Skola works

Skola uses a basic but proven model and applies it to both Virtual Events & Training programs.

Instead of the old model of Create, Sell Deliver.

Skola utilizes the latest technology to help you to Sell, Deliver Then Automate.

So you can pre-sell tickets to a virtual event or spots to a training program months before you need to deliver it.

Then while you’re selling Skola helps you to package up a product in a way that delivers the best possible experience to customers.

Finally once your product has been delivered. With the flick of a switch Skola automates it so you can continue to sell it ongoing without having to recreate anything.

How to get started

Skola is currently in Beta. We have a group of 100 users who are helping us to test, refine and improve the software.

If you would like to use Skola in your business and you have a current event or training company you can book a time to talk with one of our team below.

We are looking for a handful of additional businesses we can work with to further stress test Skola and ensure we deliver the very best software solution when we go live.

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